Have you ever wanted to play the drums? Maybe you’re an experienced drummer looking to push yourself to the next level?

No matter your goals, we’ll create the perfect drum lesson program for you. We will give you the tools and advice to become the drummer you’ve always dreamed of being, with fun, effective drums lesson in our Ringwood studio.


Learn The Rudiments

Work through our simple, structured system for mastering the drums. We’ll teach you all the basics including how to read drum music and recognise drum patterns.


Play Your Favourite Songs

Put your drum skills into practice by mastering a collection of beats and playing along with your favourite songs. Once you’re at this stage, you’ll find it hard to put the sticks down!


Create, perform & master the kit

The drums really shine when you’re playing as part of a band or making your own music. We’ll give you performance opportunities, song writing courses and jam sessions to help take you to the big stage.


Book your free evaluation lesson now, we can understand your interests and goals to creates a learning experience suited to your individual needs!